Pondless Water fall Rainwater Storage

In an effort to render this property 100% “off grid” from potable water
(for outdoor use) a larger rainwater catchment was required. A modular aquablox system was ideal due to access constraints to the back yard of the property.

Two downspouts are collecting rainwater and channeling the water to the 4,000 litre underground storage area. Filtration basins at each down spout provide “first flush” filtration while a waterfall water feature adds a secondary filtration step and aerates the water. System overflow feeds into an infiltration area that returns water to the hydrologic cycle.

The size of this system allows for irrigation system use and pressure is supplied by a submersible pump. The functionality of the system is overshadowed by the beauty of the water feature that creates a natural sounding environment enjoyed by the residents, and their neighbors.
This system enabled the owner to eliminate potable water use for outdoor uses.