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SMART Watering Systems (SWS) is pleased to announce their partnership with Rachio. 2014-12-05       SMART Watering Systems (SWS) is pleased to announce their partnership with Rachio.  Rachio has created a powerful water management product called the “Iro”. The Iro is an irrigation controller that you can control from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The...Read more...
SMART Watering Systems made the 2014 B Corp Best for the Environment list! 2014-04-22 SMART Watering Systems is honoured to have been named to this years to the B Corp best for the environment list! ...Read more...

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why be smart about water

The case for water conservation

It is a common misconception that water shortages and restrictions are only the norm for people living in drought-prone regions or third world countries. However with rapid population growth now placing an enormous strain on already limited lake and groundwater resources, the urgency for “smart” water management is now hitting home in North America.

As water shortages continue, water and energy costs will continue to rise. Using alternative water sources responsibly combined with water-efficient irrigation technology is the best way to make “every drop count”. The solution is clear… there is no better time to reduce your water usage, lower your operating costs and ensure that our fresh water supply exists for future generations.

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