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There are many reasons why smart irrigation just makes sense. The concept is simple: synchronize and monitor irrigation systems to use water more responsibly. Yet, somehow, it still manages to slip under the radar of many irrigation companies who are not offering conservation solutions to their clients. However, as environmental responsibility becomes a higher national priority, many consumers are starting to realize that there are ways to lower their water expenses and improve their water efficiency with simple techniques and products. At SMART Watering Systems (SWS) we work directly with our clients and their landscape architects and contractors, to educate and recommend the best solutions for their specific site and requirements.

Ask yourself…

Do you:

  1. Have a genuine interest in reducing the impact of your commercial or public site on the environment?
  2. Want to save money on potable water costs by investing in a water harvesting system?
  3. Want to cultivate a positive environmental public image for your organization?
  4. Have your municipality asking you to reduce the amount of rainwater entering the sewers or stormwater system at your site?
  5. Have a local ordinance that restricts the amount of potable water you can use for landscape irrigation?

What we do

SWS is the recognized industry expert in water use analysis and documentation. We use irrigation audits to find out exactly how much water you are using and then analyze this data so that you can make an informed decision. Let us show you where the savings are.

We have successfully retrofitted hundreds of irrigated industrial, retail, commercial and residential style properties. We guarantee results that will save you millions of litres of water!

How can you ensure that your technology investments continue to deliver water savings? Let us help you monitor your irrigated properties to ensure your investment dollars continue to pay dividends.


Most don`t even realize that there are problems with their current system until it’s too late.

Unless a current system breaks down, or something dies or drowns, most property and operations managers don’t even realize that there are problems until they have wasted millions of litres of water and thousands of dollar.

Our services

  • Water Use Audits
  • Irrigation Design and Consulting
  • Irrigation Management Systems
  • Rainwater (Stormwater and Greywater) Harvesting

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Our success stories

At Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, SWS did a complete irrigation retrofit installing new nozzles and sprinkler heads as well as a weather station on the roof of the building to adjust the watering schedule accordingly. The end result? Yorkdale used 85 percent less water for irrigation and has saved thousands of dollars in the process.

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