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Although water is a renewable resource, it is also a finite one.

Today our cost of water is incurred in its treatment, pumping, delivery, and in treatment of waste. Water rates across the country are extremely diverse and most are rising rapidly.  With rising water rates, the irrigation industry is coming under the microscope as a large water user and at times a water waster ( especially when systems are observed watering in the rain) . Now is the time to act and advocate for the responsible use of water.

What is the solution?

As environmental responsibility becomes a higher priority across the country, SMART Watering Systems (SWS) has become a leader in providing environmentally sound irrigation solutions.  In just under five years, we have already saved clients millions of litres of water by updating irrigation systems to include new controllers, master valves and flow sensors, tracking weather systems to adjust flow accordingly, and making recommendations for collecting and redistributing rainwater.

What we do

From experience SWS knows that there is little data available on the irrigation industry in your community. How many irrigation systems are there? What kind of shape are they in? Are they efficient? Have they been installed by professionals? Do they meet backflow requirements?  These are all important questions that need to be answered. We can help you collect and analyze that data so you can make an informed decision.

With good data, program development can begin. In an effort to reduce peak day demand programs need to be implemented that include education, training, and industry partnerships in an effort to achieve water use reductions in your community. We have worked with several Canadian municipalities to effectively reduce landscape irrigation water usage.

How do you ensure that your incentives continue to deliver water efficiencies and water savings? Let us help you monitor your programs and irrigated properties to ensure your program dollars are an investment that continues to pay dividends.


In purely economic terms, the case for municipal water conservation is strong.

The escalating cost of upgrading, maintaining and operating municipal wastewater treatment infrastructure, expanding it to support residential and industrial growth and providing new infrastructure where it does not exist is creating a serious problem for Canadian municipalities. Untapped sources of water are becoming rarer and the depletion and contamination of groundwater sources is further limiting supplies, contributing to billions of dollars in overuse costs.

Our services

  • Water Use Audits
  • Irrigation Design and Consulting
  • Irrigation Management Systems
  • Rainwater (Stormwater and Greywater) Harvesting

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Our success stories

We have been working closely with several municipalities to establish pilot programs offering financial incentives to local businesses that actively reduce their water consumption. In addition to help set the qualification standards for these programs, we also assist clients in meeting these criteria to maximize cost savings.

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