And uncover hidden water saving opportunities
With rising energy and water rates, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impacts through water conservation. Smart Watering Systems (SWS), performs irrigation audits that educate end users on the water savings that can be realized through proper monitoring, measurement and management.

Through demonstration and documentation, SWS has helped irrigation users reduce their potable water use by over 300 million litres (over 4 years) and is becoming an industry leader in rainwater harvesting and re-use and remote irrigation management. The success of SWS has resulted in consumer behaviour modifications as well as behaviour changes of existing landscape and irrigation contracting companies within the industry.

Manage, Monitor, Measure

Fostering Change

By highlighting their current water usage, providing recommendations towards improving water efficiency and lowering consumers’ water expense, property owners are getting SMART about their water use. SWS clients are altering their water behaviours and attitudes to save money as well as improve their environmental impact. With more decision makers now asking for conservation solutions, SWS is helping to drive the demand and uptake of water efficient irrigation products into the Canadian market. We stress that the cost of potable water is trending upwards and by linking water reduction to cost reduction, people become more inclined to change their behaviour.


SWS has been an early adopter of Irrigation Management Systems and weather stations that reduce water waste and detect and eliminate water loss from leaks and other irrigation infrastructure. We passionately pursue innovative technologies and are engaged in water conservation projects through lunch and learn seminars in water efficient technologies, design approaches, non potable water use and recycling. We also participate in education seminars for clients and frequently deliver water efficiency and conservation presentations to university students, environmental groups and sustainability committees.

The unpleasant fact is that most people remain careless and do not recognize the importance of water conservation. At SWS we strive to educate local property owners and communities on the environmental benefits of water conservation and responsible water use.  We believe that as citizens of this planet, it is our responsibility to take an active role in water conservation. Change begins with us and we hope that in leading by example, others are more likely to follow because…