Water Use Assessments

Water Efficiency and Irrigation Managment

The First Step Towards Conservation

Understanding your water footprint

At Smart Watering Systems (SWS) our recommended “conservation solutions” are different for each client. The first step for any client would be an irrigation audit to find out the total water used per irrigation zone. We conduct several inspections to get an overall picture of the system’s condition, including management practices, equipment, water pressure and any deficiencies.

SWS will:

  • Measure how much water you use for sanitary, cooling, landscape and elsewhere
  • Highlight leaks, waste and opportunities for conservation
  • Create an economically viable action plan to reduce your water use

We can't tell you how much you can save until we know how much you are using.

The results will shock you

In one irrigation audit the client was shocked to discover they had a continuous main line leak which contributed to a waste of 66,500 gal/year (251,702 litres). In this case, providing the client with water use information resulted in a behavioral change and a 4 000 000 Litre reduction in water use!  That equals over  $8,000 in cost savings at current water rates!

Water Savings by using Smart Watering Systems

Surprising statistics

  • Only 1 percent of water available is suitable for human consumption
  • The majority of water used is used outside the home. Agriculture irrigation accounts for 70% of fresh water use.
  • A 40 percent increase in water demand is expected over the next 2 decades