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A large issue with how much water is wasted in irrigation has a lot to do with design and installation practices and the rapid pace in which we install construction projects.

In many cases, a great landscape design will be produced and installed well but the irrigation contractor or designer is not brought on to the project until the very end of construction or after it has been completed. As a result, irrigation is designed and installed as quickly as possible with a minimal budget – typically to the detriment of water efficiency. Designers are too often trying to create and zone irrigation systems to meet the budget rather than the landscape needs.

This inefficiency in current water irrigation planning leads to over watering – contributing to plant / turf diseases and death, property damage and with the rising costs of potable water, greatly inflated monthly operating costs.

What Is The Solution?

If we take a holistic approach to landscape and irrigation design and consider not just new installation, but future maintenance, we will use less water. At Smart Watering Systems (SWS) we are working hard to get involved with landscape projects from their inception – not to replace landscape architects or contractors – but to establish collaborative partnerships that put more focus on water conservation.

Together we can design quality irrigation systems that better reflect different plant species water requirements. We can manage and monitor irrigation systems remotely and make necessary schedule changes when they are appropriate. We can also take a harder look at advance irrigation control products that use data gathered from weather station networks and make automatic adjustments based upon accurate weather data.

There are many new conservation based irrigation design practices garnering support and exciting water saving technologies available to reduce our water footprint in the landscape. At SWS, we make it our business to bring these principals and tools to the forefront for SMART irrigation solutions.

The misconception about irrigation systems is that you simply set it and forget it.

As most landscape architects are aware, turf and plant species require more water when they are initially installed then after they are established. This also applies to different times of the year as water requirements change as the seasons do. Because of this “set it and forget it” attitude most irrigation systems apply the same amount of water all year round. The end result – over watering and water waste.

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  • Professional CAD design of irrigation systems
  • Post construction inspections and reporting
  • Rainwater consultation, design and specifications
  • Unique irrigation and stormwater management designs to maximize non-potable water use