Irrigation Winterization

Winterization of Irrigation Systems

Irrigation System Blowout

During early fall it's important to prepare all irrigation systems for the winter ahead.  Underground sprinkler systems will retain water even after being shut off and will inevitably have pockets of water susceptible to freezing.  In Ontario our ground can freeze solid to a depth of 4 feet which means irrigation systems must be cleared of water prior to the ground freezing.

The "Blowout"

Although systems can be winterized by the owner of the property it is recommended that a licensed contractor perform the blowout.  To blowout your system a compressor with a minimum 80-100 Cubic Foot Per Minute (CFM) pressure is utilized (for 2" or less piping).  Smart Watering Systems professionals will attach the compressor to the mainline after all water has been shut off.  We will then activate each station starting from the highest elevation and furthest from the compressor.  The blowout is done carefully to ensure all water has been removed from the irrigation system.

To inquire about fall winterization or to book your irrigation winterization feel free to contact Smart Watering Systems at 1-888-444-1530 or visit our contact page and complete the online form.

Winterization of Irrigation Systems