Irrigation System Maintenance

System Maintenance

Smart Watering Systems providesr complete irrigation services for maintaining beautiful landscapes.

In the work we do we will always provide our honest opinions and never take short cuts.  We look to retain our reputation for high levels of service and most importantly, we care. 

If serviced properly, your irrigation system infrastructure will have a life cycle of over 25 years.  System maintenance includes irrigation system opening in the spring to adjust sprinkler head coverage, check for leaks caused by winter conditions and to ensure proper operation for the spring and summer months ahead. We will also perform mid-season inspections to modify irrigation schedules and ensure plant heath. In the fall, our service technicians will ensure all water is emptied from you system using compressed air to verify you are protected for the winter.

System Modifications for plant health or landscape changes.

Plants grow and landscapes change due to garden modifications or new landscape designs. We can make sure your new landscape has the right amount of water when it needs it. One of the largest causes of plant mortality is over-watering and we can make sure that doesn't happen. 

Irrigation technology has significantly improved in the last 10 years and SWS can apply these technologies to your landscape. This will save you 25-40% of your water use saving you money and protecting your landscape investment. Just ask our technicians if you are concerned about how you are using water, we can help. Even small changes can make a big difference on your property.

Water use monitoring and reporting

Our ICI (Commercial Industrial and Institutional) clients hire us to ensure responsible water use.  The SWS water monitoring solution includes proprietary technology that allows us to track water  use, detect problems such as leaks or sprinkler malfunctions and provide online detailed water use benchmarking for all sized of properties. New technologies are now available for residential systems as well.

Let us help you Measure, Manage and Monitor your use of our most precious resource….water.

Winterization of Irrigation Systems