RBC Towers Bentall Property

Bentall property services approached SWS in 2008 to reduce landscape potable water use and help them improve their environmental sustainability at the Mississauga RBC corporate campus. SWS was asked to perform a system audit, provide upgrade recommendations and implement an irrigation management system that could reduce potable water use in the landscape. As a result, the landscape material flourished while significant water & financial savings were achieved.

Many of the sprinkler heads on site used traditional spray head nozzles and these were replaced with rotary nozzles with a higher water application efficiency and much lower precipitation rate. SWS installed water meters & master valves at all points of connection in order to track how much water was being used and to have the ability to shut the system down in the case of leaks or vandalism damage.

The irrigation controllers were replaced by two way communication satellites which gave SWS the ability to remotely track and control how much water was used. ET & weather data is used to make irrigation schedule adjustments that reflect local, current environmental conditions.

This collaborative approach between SMART Watering Systems and on site staff resulted in this corporate campus using 72% less water to irrigate their landscape.